New markets

New markets

Today, mineral insulation fiberglass NEMAN + is supplied to the domestic market and in neighboring countries: Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus.

The physical properties of the material allow to compress it up to seven times, which is very advantageous from the point of view of logistics.

For example, in a standard machine with 120 cubes placed about 840 cubic meters of glass. After transporting the product takes its original appearance.

Specialists of OJSC "Glassworks" Neman "happy to provide expert assistance and answer questions about the thermal protection device of your building.

  • 8103 75 01545 63213 Head of Sales Management glasswool
  • 8103 75 01545 63213 FEA department
  • 8103 75 01545 61421, 8 01545 61902 Belarus Sales department

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